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Welcome on the website of North Sea Cleanup.
We need your support to care for a cleaner and healthier North Sea..

With pleasure we will explain what our foundation North Sea Cleanup can contribute to our society and a more sustainable world.

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The problem

The North Sea needs a Clean Up!
The North Sea is very important for everybody. Together we must take care for a cleaner and more sustainable North Sea so that our children can enjoy it the years to come. According a report from the FAO and the UNEP an estimated 640.000 tons Of lost fishingnets are on the bottom of our seas and oceans worldwide. A big portion of this is present in our North Sea,as this sea was and still is One of the most intensively fished seas in the world. These nets are often on and around shipwrecks. As these places are also often the places of birth of marine creatures, many of them get entangled in these nets. This is described as "ghost fishing". The lost nets will lay there for many years to come and in this way disturbe the marine ecosystem.

Besides the improvement of the environment for the underwatercreatures we also want to improve the quality of the seawater. Fishing nets deteriorate after time. This is a longterm process with a continuous fallout of small particles of various materials released into the seawater (eg. micro plastics) These fishingnets are also littered with Lines and leads from the anglers that got stuck in the nets. Also these Lines and the pieces of lead (one of the so-called heavy metals) are in intense contact with the seawater. It may be clear that also this isn't a contribution to the quality of the seawater. Humans are also negatively effected by these discards, sometimes they appear on our beaches and fishes take them in with their food.

How would you feel with a panty on your head?

Many underwatercreatures fall victim to a slow deathride as they get entangled in these nets. We call this "ghost fishing".

North Sea Cleanup takes care that these trapped animals we encounter in the nets are carefully being freed and put back in their environment.

What makes our foundation North Sea Cleanup unique?
We are the only organisation in the Netherlands that encounters this problem on a big scale. We can realise this by using a hydraulic grab to salvage this "waste". The grab is equipped with underwater cameras and ledlights so we can work very effectively and efficiently.

We also cooperate closely with several other parties with associated divers. These divers are on board the BELA with regular intervals and contribute with the orientation on the wrecks where we are most effective with the grab. The divers can also disconnect the gillnets from inside the wrecks. With the grab we mainly takes the nets around the shipwrecks, where it is usually deeper. Doing so we leave the shipwreck itself intact.

Prevention is better than to cure
Beside the solving of problems in the sea we are also active with collecting old fishingnets . We started the systematic collection in our homeport Stellendam. We will be the second harbour in the Netherlands besides Den Oever to create a depot where fishermen can deposit their old nets.

What happens with the collected nets?
In cooperation with our partner 'HEALTHY SEAS' with their project 'a jouney from waste to ware' our target is to recycle as much as is possible to new articles such as divers textile products.

Several materials are being salvaged

There are fishingnet in many different kinds and made from varying materials. Also do these salvaged nets often contain many fishing Lines and leads coming from line fishers. They got stuck particularly in the nets. Also these Lines and pieces of lead come in our seawater, if we leave it there.

Why should we solve this problem?

  • "Waste" does not belong on our seabottom.
  • Underwateranimals get entangled in these nets,also called Ghost Fishing.
  • We want to improve the environment of underwateranimals.
  • The recovered nets can be recycled.
  • As a result of salvage of these nets,the qualilty of the water improves a lot.
  • You also want to enjoy the North Sea without worrying about the waste materials in the water?

We need your support!

We are already active with the waste from the North Sea so that you and our children in the future can still enjoy this beautiful Peace of nature.
North Sea Cleanup is choosing for a broad support in our society and needs your help to realise a cleaner North Sea. Through our action,togeher with you for our mutual wellness!

We will undertake several expeditions in the North Sea to recuperate old fishingnets and relevant waste materials. Per expedition we will recover aproximately 5 to 12 tons of waste, according our earlier experience. To make these salvage actions possible you can support us by donating to the foundation North Sea Cleanup.

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Do you think as positif about a cooperation as we do? We believe in the fact that cooperation makes stronger and many hands make the job lighter. Therefor we are always looking for good partners to work together. Do you think you are a good partner? We will gladly meet you and discuss the possibilities.

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Information about the North Sea Cleanup foundation

The foundation North Sea Cleanup targets are, improvement of the environment in the North Sea, to recuperate old fishingnets, heavy metals and relevant waste. To recycle these materials where possible, without or with partners. Also create awareness that these waste materials need to be recuperated to create a sustainable natural environment enjoyable for everybody for long years to come. To motivate people to handle more carefull with waist in general and to simulate personal action for a cleaner environment in a wider perspective.

North Sea Cleanup is listed under the following name:

Name : Stichting Noordzee Nettenvrij/ Foundation North Sea Cleanup
Chamber of Commerce number: 61566063
Fiscal Number: 854394138

IBAN: NL29 TRIO 0198 0038 70


The present board consists of the following people.

Chairman: R. de Vos
Secretary: H. de Bloeme
Bookkeeper: R. Bisdom


Download policy 2015 (in dutch, contact us for a english translation)

Personal contact

Remco de vos

For all your questions.

Phone: +31 6 27 06 89 06

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